Sick of leads NOT turning into appts? Then you must watch this...

Attention frustrated LOs:

The First & Only All-In-One Software (For Loan Officers & Mortgage Brokers) That Turns 46% More Leads Into Appointments... Within 7 Days, At The Click Of A Button!
Watch this 19 minute demo video:
A Whole NEW WAY of converting business for LOs...
  • 4 Channel Automation: Follow up with your leads automatically via text messages, emails, recorded voicemails and Facebook Messenger.
  • ​​Lead Import: Do you have fresh leads from other sources or stale leads you want to reactivate? Import them into KLTCRM and start a new list and new campaign. 
  • ​​Reactivation Campaign: Autmatically find the ready, willing and able home buyers in your database by using our internal Zombie Reactivation Method.
  • Built-In Funnels: Run long form SurveyGizmo style lead generation funnels with our built-in survey maker.
  • ​​iPhone & Android App: Chat with your leads or monitor your team on the go using our Prospect Messenger App to keep conversions happening no matter where you are. 
  • Pipeline Stages: Build your own lead pipeline that matches your sales flow and represents how leads flow from one place to the other.
  • ​Private Facebook Community: Learn and share best practices from KLTCRM users. 
  • Monthly Updates: Always current and relevant campaigns, guaranteed.
  • Database Marketing: Schedule campaigns up to 600 days long or send them in real time whenever you want.
  • Forced Call Connect: Speed to lead is critical so our system will call you and connect to prospects within 60 seconds of a new contact information appearing in KLTCRM.
  • Auto-Dialer: Reach out to leads or your database 3 times faster using the built-in dialer. 
  • ​Spanish Follow Up Campaigns: Our 4 most used campaigns are available in Spanish in Mexican and Puerto Rican dialects. 
  • Appointment Calendar: Your leads can book a phone or face-to-face appointment using the internal online appointment tool that includes follow up reminder messages.
  • ​Response Stop Automation: The system recognizes when a lead texts, emails, calls or sends you a Facebook message through the software and automatically stops the campaign.
  • Advanced Reporting: Track metrics like funnel conversion rates and campaign messages performance to measure and optimize your workflow.
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